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Valkyrie Diving and Marine Services

Valkyrie Diving and Marine Services is owned and operated by Alan Minter who has been active in the diving industry for 30 years. Alan originally combined a career in commercial fishing with diving, making a good name for himself in both industries, however due to declining fish stocks, the diving took precedence.

Alan Minter from Valkyrie Diving and Marine Services

Over the past 20 years the company has provided a wide range of services spanning the diving industry both nationally and internationally and has always provided a professional, friendly service at a highly competitive rate. All of our divers have a wealth of experience within the industry with an average of 15 years each under their belts, they are all fully H.S.E qualified and most hold dive medic qualifications amongst others.

We are registered with the HSE as an inshore/inland diving contractor. And have never been issued with a HSE improvement or prohibition notice.

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