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Valkyrie Diving and Marine Services
We cover all aspects of inspection from video/stills to NDT inspection for port authorities, major oil companies, enviroment agencies and local water authorities. Clients are in all cases supplied with written reports and video/stills of works carried out.
Resevoir inspection:
Resevoir inspection
We use low light, helmet mounted underwater cameras connected via hard wired umbilical to a Surface Monitor. This means that the client's on-site engineer can watch, at the Dive Control Station, the events live whilst the work is undertaken by the diver. Our video survey equipment comprises of a specifically designed, low light, underwater camera, a top-side monitor and a state of the art video editing suite; enabling our clients to be presented with a fully edited, professional recording of the inspection which can then be viewed alongside our detailed written report.
Video inspection of chemical outlet pipe:
Video inspection of chemical outlet pipe
Ultrasonic testing of lock gates:
Ultrasonic testing of lock gates

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